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Installing GLAMkit see full instructions

  1. With Docker installed and running, create a new project template with:

    $ bash <(curl -Ls [destination_dir] develop

    This script will create a new GLAMkit project in [destination_dir], ready to hack on.

  2. Run the project:

    $ cd <project_name>
    $ docker-compose build --pull
    $ docker-compose up

    This will ensure all dependencies are installed and up to date, and will run a development server. Watch for the admin account credentials that get created on first run.

  3. That's it! Open your new GLAMkit site in a browser:


    * is a wildcard DNS that maps to localhost

Next steps

Need support or customisation?

GLAMkit is built with joy by the Interaction Consortium. It's open‑source and free to use as‑is, but if there’s any extra‑special stuff you need, or you need us to cover your museum tech needs, tell us a little about your project , and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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