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Made with museums in mind by experts, GLAMkit gives you more time to innovate and integrate.


GLAMkit makes workflows faster and more productive, so you can create and collaborate with ease.


GLAMkit helps you share amazing stories without messing with your data, keeping it safe for the future.

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Who’s Using It

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

“By investing in GLAMkit we are confident that ACMI will be able to achieve its bold new vision - not only online, but also driving content throughout its future exhibitions and experiences. We were attracted to the mission-led commitment to open source and the GLAM sector that GLAMkit represents, alongside its focus on usability, flexibility, and architecture.” Seb Chan,
Chief Experience Officer, ACMI
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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

“With its robust infrastructure, GLAMkit allows us to integrate with SFMOMA’s existing systems, implement our Design Studio’s gorgeous new design, and provide a platform for the breadth and depth of content we’re known for.” Keir Winesmith,
Head of Web and Digital Platforms, SFMOMA
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At a glance

Natural content editing, so that your stories stay looking great

Super-powered events & exhibitions calendars that almost run themselves

Workflows designed for museum teams to create, preview, review & publish

Drive your website, apps, and online collection from an intuitive dashboard

Designed to talk to your existing systems, so nothing gets left behind

Coded in Python/Django, for extensible architecture and high performance

Powerful features

Screenshots of the SFMOMA website

Institutional storytelling engine

Express your rich stories naturally using GLAMkit's modular content approach. Text, videos and content from across your offer can be woven together on every page of your site. Use GLAMkit's built-in modules, or easily create your own specifically for your site's design.

Screenshot of ACMI event calendar CMS and Cinema homepage

World-class events

No other CMS handles events as well as GLAMkit. Events can be any shape or size, and repeat or be one-off. Big events like Exhibitions and Festivals can contain smaller events like tours and workshops. And all this can be integrated with ticket sales systems like Eventbrite and Tessitura.

Screenshot of SFMOMA's Fischer Collection page

Your collection, your way

Every museum thinks differently about its collection. That's why GLAMkit's online collection uses a flexible plugin system, so you can choose what shape your collection is, whether it's art and artists, moving image, books, or paleontology, or a combination, GLAMkit's got you covered. We've integrated with Emu, Vernon and other collections management systems.

Screenshot of ACMI CMS

Powerful publishing workflow

GLAMkit has best-in-class publishing and workflow controls designed for small teams of content professionals, but that scales across your organisation. Publishable content can be versioned, scheduled and assigned to members of your team to take the next step. Create secret links to share work-in-progress with reviewers, without creating new logins.

Integrate your systems to build a platform for your museum data

Because it’s built in Django/Python, GLAMkit can talk to your existing collection, tickets, digital assets and shop systems. Recent projects have successfully integrated GLAMkit with Tessitura, Vernon CMS, NetX, Blackbaud, apps and lobby signage. When all your data is brought together, the possibilities are endless.

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Screenshots of the SFMOMA asset library

Cultural-sector-friendly asset library

GLAMkit contains a user friendly library for organising, browsing, and selecting images, audio, and video assets. Synchronise with Digital Asset Management systems like NetX or Canto, or use GLAMkit as a simple asset management system. GLAMkit handles captions, rights, IIIF-compatible repurposing, and web-safe colorspace conversion.

Docker and GITHub logo

Stability from the source code to the server

GLAMkit is free to install and is used by some of the top museums in the world, who support and contribute code to the open-source project, with extensive documentation. Even better, repository is Docker-compatible, meaning scaling, security updates and dependencies are taken care of, without hosting lock-in.

Even bigger things coming soon

We're always extending GLAMkit. Coming soon: notifications, commenting and reviewing, advanced navigation controls, ecommerce and ticket sales, content strategy and planning tools. If you can’t wait, get involved! Anyone can contribute to GLAMkit.

Hosting Services

GLAMkit is Docker-compatible, so your project and all its dependencies can be hosted anywhere that will host Docker images.

Support and Customization

GLAMkit is built with joy by the Interaction Consortium. It's open source and free to use as is, but if there’s any extra special stuff you need, or you need us to cover your museum tech needs, tell us a little about your project, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

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